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“Black Orpheus” screen prints by Joshua Mays

Faultline Special Editions worked with Joshua Mays to produce this beautiful limited edition screen print trilogy. We used high quality, archival water based inks and French Paper for the limited editions of 100 prints each on paper, and our house made wood art panels for a super limited edition of 12 prints each. The prints are 18 x 24 inches, and each are 2 colors each. Each print is signed and numbered by Joshua Mays.

Joshua Mays used the classic movie “Black Orpheus” as inspiration for his own futuristic love triangle, complete with a story that centralizes around the featured character of each of the 3 chapters in the trilogy, “Eurydice,” “Mira,” and “Orpheus.”

For the printing of the paper editions, we used our classic 1970’s Cincinnati one armed press, affectionately referred to as “The One Armed Bandit.” These presses are pretty hard to find nowadays, as screen printing technology is increasingly replaced by digital processes. The Bandit does a great job on these over-sized prints, the arm which holds the squeegee runs along a rail for a nice smooth motion and allows for a more ergonomic and even style of pulling prints. It is difficult using other methods to get an even pressure over the entire image, which is crucial to pull a perfect print, and this press is great because you can use your whole body to pull prints, instead of just your wrists and fingers, which leads to fatigue and carpel tunnel rather quickly. Prints pulled on the Bandit are still officially considered “hand pulled prints,” an important distinction to consider when building your collection.