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Legacy of Marcus Kelli: Works by Danielle Schlunegger

July 6th- August 17th 2013

About the show:

Danielle Schlunegger‘s approach to her work is itself a performance piece. Her creations come from not from her, but from the collection of an imagined 19th century collector, Marcus Kelli. Through this space she is able to remain on the fringes of her creations and let their stories stand on their own.

In her words- it has been my undertaking to revel his untold story and discoveries through displaying his personal artifacts and specimen collection to the public in an interactive museum framework. Visitors can read his personal letters and inspect objects hands on. I act as a guide to the collection, ready to answer all I know regarding Marcus Kelli and his work. As part of my practice I create museum quality replicas in the spirit of the 19th century amateur enthusiast. Since research is an essential part of my work. I handcraft objects seated in historic probability, lending credibility and authenticity to the museum.

Danielle graduated from California College of Arts in 2010 with distinction, receiving the All College Honors award for her work on The Marcus Kelli Collection. As the founder and curator of the collection she makes repairs to artifacts and recreates extinct animals based on the field notes and journals of the amateur naturalist.