Faultline Artspace - Oakland California
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Fully Collaborated August 2016

Oakland artist and curator Mario Navasero invited a group of Bay Area artists to participate in “Fully Collaborated,” a group show of collaborative paintings and drawings presented at Faultline Artspace.

Art pieces were passed back and forth amongst the participants until completion, resulting in a playful dialog that sought to expand and challenge the individual artist’s habits and sensibilities. A diversity of backgrounds and artistic styles are utilized by the collective, creating an abstract narrative that meanders back and forth through the realms of the imagination.

Featuring art from: DeadEyes, Nina Wright, Chris Granillo, Felicia Ann, Max Kauffman, Renee Castro, David Polka, Felicia Gabaldon, Jared Roses, Kristi Holohan, Bre Gipson, Kenneth Malone, SafetyFirst, Lisa Pisa, Math One, Laura Marshall, Cameron Thompson, Sasha Swedlund, Vero Orozco, Mario Navasero