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"Day of the Eclipse" - Ernest Doty and Alan Grizzell

Exhibition Dates: May 16, 2015 to June 27, 2015

Opening Reception: May 16, 2015 6pm to 10pm
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Faultline Artspace is pleased to present a two person show featuring paintings and an
installation by Alan Grizzell and Ernest Doty.

While Alan Grizzell works mainly in oil and
Ernest Doty works in spray paint, acrylics, and watercolor, both artists find inspiration in
the neglected corners of urban life.

Alan Grizzell and Ernest Doty celebrate the moment of an eclipse in their respective works
in imagining the momentary suspension of time. Alan Grizzell’s paintings elevate the
discarded into the realm of sainthood. His depictions of the unavoidable, rubble and
roadkill-strewn decay of the man-made world confront the audience with the ever present
state of mortality and rebirth the past into a future evolving from a keen meditative
appreciation for things as they are.

Ernest Doty’s work crosses through time, imagining a more sinister future in which the
world’s inhabitants have achieved a heightened sense of enlightenment but at the expense
of outgrowing their own skin and destroying their habitat. Mutant birds with spider legs and
people with melting skin and multiple eyes are the keepers of the new world.
For darkness to exist there must be light. The juxtaposition of both artists’ surreal
explorations into the decay of the present and its impact on the future coalesce in the site-
specific installation built from found objects.