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Distant Reverence - July 2014

Distant Reverence” is a reflection of Madeleine Tonzi and Felicia Gabaldon’s own ideas of what a landscape is in an abstract representational form. “Distant Reverence” is a show case of their most recent works inspired by the majestic, nostalgic, and deeply revered desert landscape.  The now Oakland based artists hailing from Santa Fe, NM came together to exhibit their works in an homage to the nostalgic memories of the Southwest.
Felicia seeks to explore the ways that external stereotypes are internalized through psychic formations of language (thru artistic rendering), archetypes, familiar imagery, architectural and scientific references. Felicia hopes to suggest that the reproduction of space and human experience influence the formation of individual and communal systems of belief. It is through iconic, symbolic and folkloric imagery Felicia represents the distant reverence of self discovery, culture, and historical elements.
Madeleine’s work is an exploration into the unknown and unattainable. Her process brings her to her own past, which at times feels like a distant utopia that is romanticized and manipulated into the obscure. As a result, her work is a collection of whimsical landscapes that capture fleeting moments, idealized memories, and a combination of ever-growing curiosities for unknown horizons.

“Masked Dreams” screen print by Felicia Gabaldon with Faultline Special Editions

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