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Santos Shelton's "The Kingdom is Lost" Oct 10th- Nov 21st, 2015

Santos Shelton presents his latest body of work, “The Kingdom is Lost.” Faultline Artspace is producing several screen prints by Santos for release during and before the show.

This is the first story in the epic journey of the Deep Space Traveler. “The Kingdom is Lost” is a visual narration on a civilization ravaged by a meteor that changes the perspective and dynamic of the people. This story is about the human experience and specifically a reflection of the years the artist has spent living in Oakland and the experience of how finding connections could sometimes be difficult in a rapidly changing city.

After passing through the Gateway, the Deep Space Traveler arrived at a vibrant red planet. He traveled across a vast tundra of rock and desolation until he came across a kingdom sitting on top of a floating island. People of the kingdom were on the verge of a civil war, as the king had only allowed access to clean water for members of the elite class: those he deemed worthy above others.


The Kingdom is Lost
October 15- November 21
Artist’s reception Saturday October 10th 7-10pm
Regular gallery hours 12-5 Thursday-Saturday
Faultline Artspace
815 High Street, Oakland CA