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Art Studio Rentals

Art studio rentals at Faultline Artspace in East Oakland. 25+ printmakers, illustrators, painters and sculptors.

Art Studio Rentals at Faultline Artspace

View of the main common space. Faultline Artspace has 20 art studios and 25+ artists that share our 10,000 sq ft facility.

View of the main common space. Faultline Artspace has 20 art studios and 25+ artists that share our 10,000 sq ft facility.


New Studio Available!
Available for painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, drawing, illustration, screen printing or other 2D or 3D visual art. Not a good fit for photography, crafts, jewelry, leather work, apparel

About the art studios at Faultline Artspace

Faultline Artspace is a loose collective of artists working in a shared space with individual studios. Since we started Faultline Artspace in 2011, we have created our own creative community, full of vibrant and passionate artists. We are mostly painters, printmakers, conceptual artists, and sculptors. We are full and part time artists that are interested in maintaining an active and supportive community. There are about 21 individual spaces and we are limited to 30 artists or less. Faultline Artspace is artist run and our location was partly chosen for the beautiful light.

  • Faultline Artspace is work only (no live-in)

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Gated after hours parking

  • Community of professional artists

  • discounts on painting panels and canvas

  • drawing groups

  • new ceramics kiln

  • water based screen printing setup

No elevator but we have a forklift that can bring up pallets with supplies, flat files, etc.

Current Art Studio Availability (updated 10/05/19)

Studio 18 - Available November 15th
New construction, 150 sq ft, tall walls, in the annex next to great common space
$575 month + 575 deposit

Studio M-3 (the Crow’s Nest)- Available Now
Small space upstairs in our mezzanine
88 sq ft (8x11 ft) with door, small window, fresh paint, new laminate floor.
$400 month / $400 deposit


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What we are looking for in applicants

In People:
We’re really looking for people that are engaged and will be engaged with the community here at Faultline, as well as Oakland, the Bay Area and beyond. There is a lot of common space and comradery at our studios, which encourages the flow of ideas between artists. For this reason we appreciate artists with a voice and vision that can contribute to the conversation. We expect most of our artists to come to the art openings in our gallery to show support for our colleagues. Openings are a great time to open your studio and engage the public about your work. Most of our artists are eager to participate and feel the community is the whole point of having a studio here, so we want other people that feel the same way. If you want to work in a vacuum and ignore everyone, Faultline wouldn’t be a good fit.

In Art:
We have a very diverse group as far as backgrounds and art styles go, but most of us are focused on painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and digital art, illustration, etc. Please note we are not able to accept commercial screen printers (apparel or posters), video editors, sound designers, or other non-fine art disciplines or businesses.

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