Faultline Artspace - Oakland California
Studios and gallery

"Flow State" April 9th- May 28th, 2016

Collaborations and group show by artists:
Danielle Schlunegger, Peggy Crovetto, and Kara Nelson

Opening reception: April 9, 2016 7-10pm

In “Flow State,” three female Bay Area artists explore subconscious and obsessive mark making as a way of processing their distinct anxieties about various pasts and uncertain futures. Independently, each artist creates work that is loosely and abstractly landscape based, often dipping into surreal or impossible worlds that reflect our individual subconscious and conscious daily worries. The crux of this practice is essentially to understand and self-soothe, channeling their anxieties directly into their artwork, creating a meditative space through obsessive mark making  and deliberately limiting materials.

As part of the continuity of the show, each artist was asked to start a panel and pass it off in a rotation until determined complete. These collaborations challenged the individual process of each artist, encouraging the use of new and different materials, artistic approach, and visual problem solving. Blending these varied opinions onto a blank panel encouraged the tension of non verbal communication. We were all conscious of the boundary of self-expression and working with the marks already in place, while still leaving room for possibility. The pull of past and present can be found within the play between positive and negative space, using this as an opportunity to evoke and work with the unknown.