Faultline Artspace - Oakland California
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Indelible Marks II - Calligraphy Show, August 15th 2015

A Contemporary Calligraphy Show

Curated by ESK and Hunter De La Ghetto

We invite you to join us at Faultline Artspace for the opening of Indelible Marks II: Broader Strokes. The successor to the first Indelible Marks, which opened with a packed reception in Oakland 3 years ago, Indelible Marks II is an updated and re-examined look at the contemporary calligraphic landscape. With the recognition of contemporary calligraphy by galleries and museums world-wide, Indelible Marks II seeks to highlight a group of veteran and emerging calligraphers from within and beyond the Bay Area. Pulling talent from across the US, Broader Strokes will feature the works of Dusty Mauldin (Atlanta, GA), Evan ESK Wilson (Oakland, CA), Jasper Marino (Santa Cruz, CA) and Silencer (Bay Area, CA). As was the case with the first Indelible Marks, the new incarnation will stay grounded in the spirit of calligraphic traditions, but will move beyond just two dimensional calligraphic works, to include ceramics, sculpture, installation, and live musical performances. We hope you can join us!

General Public Opening: Saturday August 16th, 7-11 PM

Opening Night Performances by: Wax Roof, Pat Messy and Rubber Legs, and Dj Hersh.